Mountain biking and hiking are the first activities that come to mind when thinking about Vail in the summer but there's another thrilling way to experience its beauty – a Jeep tour. With the option to either take the wheel yourself or sit back and enjoy the ride, Jeep tours offer two unique ways to explore Vail's landscapes.
Finally ... summer in Colorado and unlimited adventures await! Yes, we know that touring breweries, going to Red Rocks Concerts, soaking in hot springs and walking through historic towns are things everyone enjoys and can do. But what about those great Outdoor Activities?  Let's dive into the hype and reality behind them, shall we? 
The unique rock formations surrounding the amphitheater and its breathtaking views make it one of the most beautiful concert venues in the world.
Wednesday April 12, 2023
Jeep enthusiasts are always looking for ways to make their vehicles more capable off-road. There are many ways to achieve this, but two popular options are purchasing a Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon or building an aftermarket Jeep. Both options have their pros and cons, and in this blog post, we will explore the differences between the two.
When ordering your new Jeep you can chose a standard plastic bumper, or you can upgrade to the steel bumper option. Is it worth is? What are the pros and cons of adding this bumper to your build?
Wednesday May 11, 2022
A jeep on a paved road is safe, but that's not what jeeps are built for.
Monday April 25, 2022
Selecting a bike rack is a big purchase; one made a bit more difficult as a Jeep owner. Here are some considerations for how to safely transport your bikes and a few tips to save you headaches.
Continuing on the epic adventure of tackling Jeep Badge of Honor Trails. Be sure to check out PART 1 for great information on the Jeep BoH East Coast trail program!
It’s not summer yet? But it is time to plan that trip to Colorado! Take your Jeep out and explore this wonderful state.
Tuesday April 5, 2022
Lockhart Basin is south and west of Moab, creating a link between the roads and trails that head west of town (Kane Creek, Harrah Pass, Chicken Corners) with the highway entrance to Needles District in Canyonlands National Park.
One convenient, enjoyable, and perhaps addicting place to look for trails is Jeep’s Badge of Honor (BoH) that identifies over 60 trails across 24 states.  This free program is available to all Jeep owners regardless of model. 
Monday March 14, 2022
Differential lockers are a great tool offroad for difficult trails, rock crawling, and getting unstuck. Lockers will help you get thru more difficult terrain, and give you a first option for self recovery if you get stuck.
Thursday October 28, 2021
Coming to Colorado for a visit? Or are you a resident or recent transplant looking for something new? Here is a great list of the Best Jeep Trails in Colorado.
Tuesday September 21, 2021
Some of the best leaf-peeping outside of the Northeast can be found in Colorado. As temperatures drop in the Rockies in early September and snow seems likely, the Aspen trees get ready for winter too. The front-ranges near Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins see the leaves turn slightly later, toward the beginning of October.
Friday June 18, 2021
Two simple but profound lessons: 1. Stay off the clutch and trust your gears 2. It’s okay to stall
Starting out on the trail with your brand new Jeep can be an intimidating experience for some. Even if you are fully prepared and have the basic gear you need, the idea of getting stuck or damaging your new vehicle can make those first few trips a little more anxiety-filled than they need to be.
Saturday April 24, 2021
Tabegauche trail is moderate to difficult trial, just outside Grand Junction with easy access to town, 17 miles with travel time around 4 hours. Great trail to have a fun day, moderate to wild (in areas) depending on your desired challenge. Areas of Moab-like slickrock and ledges, especially in the play area. Rock gardens present a challenge in finding the right lines. Sandy transitions with fast areas too!
Tuesday April 6, 2021
The reality is today there aren’t many remote places left to really get away. The San Rafael Swell is a spot that is being discovered, but is large enough to still be alone and really feel “out there”. The San Rafael Swell is an enormous geologic feature rising more than 1,000 feet above the desert west of Green River, Utah.
Two-footed driving consists of exactly what you think it does, using both feet to control the vehicle. Your right foot stays on the gas pedal while your left foot controls the brake.
Eventually, every rig suffers a trail breakdown. Enough time on the trail, it’s gonna happen. Being prepared will be key. This section will cover how to construct the best tool kit for your rig (and abilities).
Tuesday January 19, 2021
Getting a feel for your Jeep and where your tires are is as important as getting that bumper installed. It comes with time spent driving - and not everyone has the time or ability to hit the trails everyday. But with some extra time and a few (preferably used) beer cans and a parking lot, you can begin to hone those skills.
Saturday December 26, 2020
For DIY Scratch removal you will need: A good drill, a lambswool pad, a foam pad, medium cut compound and basic car wax.  (Assuming you already own a drill, and a basic wax, the estimated cost is under $30)
Wednesday December 23, 2020
Jeeping, jeeps, and trail use has changed significantly since the first Jeeps rolled into American forests and deserts following WWII. Land use has changed as dramatically as our Jeeps have over the last 30 years specifically.
Tuesday December 22, 2020
Hill descent control is a great feature when you are descending a steep hill to focus on the terrain, and let the Jeep keep you at a safe speed. The vehicle controls the speed of descent automatically, using the electronics and components of the traction control system to activate braking maintaining a constant speed and as much traction on each tire as possible.
Saturday November 21, 2020
Jeep Rubicons have some great features and are great trail rigs, BUT, the Rubicon sway bar disconnect sucks. It is a common problem that affects many Jeeps, can create issues far past the sway bar itself, and is an extremely expensive part.
Wednesday October 14, 2020
Of course all the ladies out there can’t wait to have a great photography session for their engagement. Thinking about clothes, locations, googling phones and searching for photographers; it’s all part of the experience. But guys on the other hand are generally not the biggest fans of taking pictures.
As Jeep enthusiasts and off-roaders we love the environment in which we play. For many of us, the views and experiences of being in the natural environment is a big reason why we go. We also recognize that the sport can have harmful effects on the very environment we love, treasure, and need to be able to wheel.
What gear do you need to start wheeling? Recovery gear, first aid /emergency kit, maps and navigation gear are all essential for safe and fun Jeep trip.
Sunday May 24, 2020
What do large tires really do? They look awesome, increase your ground clearance, increase the effective traction of the vehicle and make the ride better off-road.
Thursday May 14, 2020
How to choose the correct lift for your Jeep? It’s a big decision! Are you a rock crawler, overlander or weekend adventurer? Lift needs vary!
Mid-way through the drive to Moab, we realized we were already learning new things about the new 2020 Wrangler JL. Somehow a long road trip surfaces different impressions than smaller day trips. You can read about our initial first impression of the 2020 Wrangler JL.
Thursday April 23, 2020
Just bought a new Jeep? Here are our tips for new Jeep owners, so you can get started!
The snow is melting, the days are longer. It’s time to go wheeling ... and to prep your Jeep after the winter!
Wednesday February 5, 2020
Stock Jeep Wranglers are very capable offroad. Before doing any work to the Jeep, a new owner should start slow and wheel their stock Jeep and learn the capabilities before making big changes.
Snow wheeling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the deep freeze of winter months. But for those new to this type of wheeling, it can be a quick mistake that turns a great day into disaster.  Here are some basic tips for those ready to hit the trails as the snow is melting.
Wednesday October 23, 2019
The portable air compressor varies in cost from under $50 to $500 plus. We run a set of mid-grade compressors, which costs about $175 each. They are beefier and faster than the super-cheap auto store options, but not as much as the ARB suitcase style dual compressors. They take around 5 minutes per tire to air from mid-teens back up to the low 30s. They do get extremely hot in use, and need to cool a bit after around 4 tires in the summer.
Wednesday October 23, 2019
We recently purchased a brand new 2020 JLU and I am taking a moment while it is still fresh and even smells new to get a few initial thoughts out. First, our specs: 2020 JLU Rubicon 2.0L Turbo engine, 8-speed Auto Transmission, 4.10 stock gearing, stock 33” tires
Sunday September 22, 2019
Deflating your tires to appropriate pressure for your terrain is the very first thing you should do before going off road. It increases traction, makes the ride smoother, and decreases chances of tire punctures.
Saturday August 17, 2019
If you are new to off-roading, and find yourself out with friends who are also new to the sport, knowing how to spot can be an essential skill to staying safe and having an enjoyable time on your early adventures with your Jeep.
Tuesday July 16, 2019
Jeeping with children is always an adventure. A child’s unique perspective on life, what they see, it’s why we wheel to begin with – to return to that excitement and wonderment even for just a moment.
Tuesday July 16, 2019
The experience of Jeeping is unique for every person, every time. No two trips are ever the same, and even the experience amongst drivers on the same day on the same trail can vary wildly.
Tuesday June 25, 2019
Aren’t you so sick of booking campsites six month in advance? One of the advantages of owning a Jeep is that you are now free to overland with kids and camp in the many dispersed sidtes available in National Forests and BLM land throughout the western US.
Tuesday May 21, 2019
Native Jeeps, LLC is excited to announce that our US Forest Service Special Use Permit application has been approved! We will soon be fully permitted for almost every road in the Clear Creek Ranger District for this summer and fall season!
Thursday January 3, 2019
We are jeeping enthusiasts that were tired of making the 10 hour round trip to Moab from Denver, and wanted to bring the joy of offroad jeep tours closer to home. Luckily, Colorado also offers hundreds of amazing jeep trails, combined with unique pristine mountain landscapes and consistent good weather.