2020 Wrangler JL Tested: Our 2nd Impression

April 27, 2020 - JeepToursCO
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Mid-way through the drive to Moab, we realized we were already learning new things about the new 2020 Wrangler JL. Somehow a long road trip surfaces different impressions than smaller day trips.

You can read about our initial first impression of the 2020 Wrangler JL here.

On the highway we were loving the power, comfort, and driveability. Our only gripe was the highway noise.

With its new top and aluminum redesign, the 2020 JL was driving noticeably louder. It’s difficult to listen to music.

JL Moab Test

We put the new JL to the test!

Over a quick 4 day trip with the family we were able to really put all the features of the JL to use.

Hitting a few of the classics, like Hell’s Revenge and Metal Masher, we are continued to be impressed by the off-road capability with basic modifications.

Phase 1 Build

We have a very basic build:

The reality is this JL, with a relatively modest build (under $8,000) performed just as well as our JK on 37s (a $20,000+ build)!

We were constantly scratching our heads in almost disbelief at how the vehicle performed.

JL Revisions vs JK

A few small revisions on the new 2020 Wrangler JL actually have had a major impact on performance. This became very obvious during the test.

The sway bar disconnect and diff locking control location change is more intuitive and easier to see. The interior lights are better. The rear wiper relocation is a huge help with visibility.

The revised approach and departure angles and improved stock bumpers remain intact post-trip, staying safely tucked up and away even through Metal Masher!

One of the revisions we liked the most was the redesign of all of the seat controls – much smoother and more intuitive to operate.

Native Jeeps JL 2020

Even more Impressed with the JL

We are so happy with the performance of the new JL and the Teraflex Sport ST2.5” lift that we will be running this vehicle through our upcoming summer season as-is.

Come join us on the trails and try it out for yourself!

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