How to Prep your Jeep for Wheeling after Winter
April 19, 2020 - JeepToursCO
JeepToursColorado NativeJeeps Getting Ready for Wheeling

The snow is melting, the days are longer. It’s time to go wheeling … and to prep your Jeep after the winter!

Take the time to prepare now, so you can be ready to go!

Get that maintenance done

Now is a great time to grab some supplies and get that oil change done.

While you are at it, check all your fluid levels and fill up that washer fluid.

Check your intake air filter and cabin air filter; replace as needed.

A bit more time consuming, but not much more difficult is rotating the tires. Invest in a small compressor or battery impact to make the job much quicker.

Wash off that winter salt

After a full winter of mountain driving, our rigs accumulate quite a layer of salt and dirt. Take the time to wash and detail your rig before the start of your season.

Ozium is a great indoor air treatment that will remove a winter’s worth of stuffy, sweaty ski trip smells.

  1. Turn the vehicle on,
  2. Get the air recirculating inside,
  3. Spray a few seconds worth into the air intake filter (behind the glovebox).

Go through your equipment

Be sure to check all your equipment and re-supply as needed. This includes:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Tool Box
  • Emergency Supplies

Now is also a great time to check for damage and wash any rope products or recovery straps.

Use very gentle and additive free soap (such as a diluted laundry detergent as opposed to hand soap) and gently wash and rinse until clean. Dry straps by hanging or draping over objects; avoid leaving in the sun too long.

Sharpen your axe blades and chainsaws, get the batteries on the chargers, stock up your water.

With all this done, your Jeep will be prepped for wheeling and will be ready to go as soon as Mother Nature, and the US Federal Government is!!

Happy trails!

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