Best Jeep Trails in Colorado

October 28, 2021 - JeepToursCO
Jeep Tour Colorado Native Jeeps Saddle

Coming to Colorado for a visit? Or are you a resident or recent transplant looking for something new? Here is a great list of the Best Jeep Trails in Colorado.

Best Jeep Trail Near Denver

Within an hour’s drive of Denver, Colorado there are actually a lot of Jeep trails. Choosing the best is a difficult decision … drumroll please … 

The best Jeep trail near Denver, hands down, is Argentine Pass /McClellan Mountain by Georgetown.

This may surprise some, but the close proximity and absolutely amazing views and history take this one to the top. While Argentine Pass (depending on the route into the Waldorf site), the top is something unique and amazing.

Native Jeeps McClellan Mt

  • Argentine Pass was the original toll route to the Breckenridge gold fields from Denver. It passes over 13,176ft near to Grays and Torreys Peaks. Today, the road ends at this saddle.

On the other side of the mountain lies the other route to the top of McClellan mountain, which actually follows the grade of one of the highest narrow gauged railroads to ever steam up Colorado mountainsides.

While Jeep rentals in the Denver area can be difficult to find, guided services are available. There are also many local Jeep clubs to connect with that frequently run this trail. Once complete, hit the new Cabin Creek Brewery near the lake for refreshments and food.

Best Jeep Trails Near Ski Towns

Colorado’s ski towns have some great trail opportunities in the summer, so if you are visiting in the right season you will want to check out:

  • Best Jeep Trail Near Telluride: Black Bear Pass

Native Jeeps Black Bear

This thrilling adventure is one you will never forget. Jeep rentals are available in the area, and the route-finding is pretty easy – so the everyday (gutsy) adventurer can tackle this trail and see the amazing views it has to offer. 

Known for it’s death-defying switchbacks on the sides of thousand foot cliffs, Black Bear Pass is as “exposed” as most people want to get. Ever. In a Jeep. A Jeep Badge of Honor Trail is mostly considered easy to moderate, if it weren’t for the deadly cliffs inches from your tires.

  • Best Jeep Trail Near Vail: Holy Cross Trail

Native Jeeps Holy Cross


Right outside of Red Cliff, another badge of honor trail rates as the most difficult in the county. This old mining road built in 1883 leads to the historic site of Holy Cross at 11,870 feet.

Historic features include Gold Park town site and cemetery at the road’s beginning, the Holy Cross City mill and cabins, and the old town of Holy Cross. It gets very busy on the weekends and you will probably have to wait to pass the main obstacles like French Creek and Cleveland Rock.

  • Best Jeep Trail Near Breckenridge: Peak 9 and 10 Trail

Native Jeeps Peak 10

In the heart of Breckenridge ski resort, right under the chairlifts, climb Peak 9 that is easy and abundant with wildflowers. When you cross over to Peak 10, it gets narrow and exposed. The closer you get to the top, the more intimidating switchbacks become. Finally at the summit there’s a weather station just above the ruins of the Briar Rose mine.

Make sure you don’t attempt to go too early, since Breckenridge ski resort stays open until June.

  • Best Jeep Trail Near Aspen: Montezuma Basin to Pearl Pass


Native Jeeps Montezuma Bowl

From Aspen through Castle Creek Road to Montezuma Basin. Driving on an old mining road which climbs above the treeline gets your heart pumping and adrenaline surging as the road becomes steeper and more rugged.

After Montezuma Basin you can backtrack to Pearl Pass road, which is very narrow and rocky in some areas and will connect over to Crested Butte.

Best Hardcore Jeep Trail in Colorado

Native Jeeps Carnage Canyon

Want to test that rig? Looking for the type of trail that might lead to damage or worse? We got you covered:

  • Carnage Canyon, near Buena Vista is known to break rigs and Jeepers. This trail is absolutely no joke. It features huge rocks, incredible off-camber challenges and obstacle after obstacle in Colorado’s best climate.

Buena Vista is a great town, affordable and mild in climate area. It is quickly becoming “found out” and is growing to become a real summer destination. 

Jeep, ATV and SxS rentals are available in the area. If you go, don’t miss the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs where you can relax after a hard fought day on trail!

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