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October 14, 2020 - JeepToursCO
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Of course all the ladies out there can’t wait to have a great photography session for their engagement pictures.

The planning that goes into wardrobe, locations and searching for photographers … well, it’s all part of the experience.

Guys, on the other hand, are generally not the biggest fans of taking pictures or planning for weddings. Often they are simply trying not to look awkward and disappoint the love of their life.

But what happens when you combine a photo session AND Jeeps? ?

Recently one lucky couple found out. As the groom-to-be drove his fiancé up to 12,000 feet, his blood was pumping, his adrenaline flowing, just like the moment he risked it all and got down on his knee only to hope she would say “Yes!”

An off-road scene is actually the perfect recipe for truly unique engagement photos.

Luckily our very good friend is an experienced professional photographer who made the whole experience easy and fun. 

Check this pic out! Don’t tell me that Jeeping and engagement photography is something that every guy wouldn’t do with joy, instead of apprehension.

Jeep Tour Colorado Native Jeeps Couples Photography

Here are some great tips for making Jeeping and Photograpy happen:

Hire a professional photographer or find a guiding company that can provide both services. If this is not possible in your area, grab a buddy with a Jeep and head out.

  • Work in the “golden hour” – the hour just before sunset.
  • Take pics either in the shade or in the sun; don’t mix shade and sun exposure in a single subject.
  • Be ready and work fast; take the shots and move to the next location. The golden hour will go by quickly.
  • Turn on the Jeep lights as the sun sets to create an out of this world scene.
  • Don’t make your Jeep the focus. It is part of the landscape. The couple is the focus (for now…)!

Jeep Tour Colorado Native Jeeps Photography

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